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Association Committees

CCHOA has formed various committees to help the Board of Directors carry out its duties. The following is a brief description of the functions of each committee. Each committee consists of a chairperson, who is typically a member of the Board, and one or more volunteers who are members of the Association. 


Architectural.  This committee is responsible for examining any plans for property improvements (e.g., fences, patio covers, pools, decks, additions, satellite dishes, and storage buildings). The purpose of this review is to ensure that all improvements meet the restrictive covenants of the Association. The homeowner should submit a written description and/or sketch of his/her project to the architectural committee for review at least TWO WEEKS prior to initiating work on their project. Each approved project will receive a letter documenting such approval. This approval letter does not negate any city requirements such as obtaining a building permit. Architectural Requests are only accepted via online submission on our management platform, Click here to access the instructional article from PayHOA on how to submit a request.


Communications.  This committee is formed from three sub-committees.


  • Membership.  This sub-committee is responsible for maintaining, publishing and distributing a current directory of homeowners in Carriage Crossing. This includes obtaining names, addresses and telephone numbers of new residents and updating the existing property owner database.


  • Newsletter.  The members of this sub-committee are responsible for preparation of the newsletter, which is designed to help new members become familiar with the homeowners’ association and its purpose, keep all members informed on the activities of the Association and alert them of all upcoming events of interest. The Board welcomes members’ contributions to the newsletter. 


  • Website.  This sub-committee is responsible for maintaining and updating the homeowners’ association website. The website is designed not only for residents of Carriage Crossing but also for the general public, particularly those who may be interested in moving into our neighborhood. Maintenance and administration of the Association's social media presence and private group is also a function of this committee.


Entry/Greenbelt.  This committee is responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of each entry and associated common spaces, including the greenbelt area. This involves obtaining bids each year for lawn care, managing the contract with the lawn maintenance company and maintaining the sprinkler systems, plants, trees, fences, lights, signs and flags.  


Nominating.  This committee is typically formed prior to each annual meeting to recruit potential candidates for the Board of Directors. This committee can also be tasked to recruit volunteers for the various committees. 


Social.  This committee is responsible for planning and coordinating all special events sponsored by the homeowners’ association, including the Yard of the Month. In recent years, the Yard of the Month activities have been performed independent of the Social Committee.


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