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Our Park

Nienhuis Park


Nienhuis Park


Nienhuis Park Community Center


Nienhuis Skate Park


Nienhuis Aquatic Center


Sports Groups

The City of Broken Arrow the Broken Arrow Police Department and CCHA are working together to keep unauthorized vehicles out of Nienhuis Park.  Signs have been posted at each of the corridors to the Park forbidding the use of off-road vehicles, motorcycles and ATV’s .  


A $100 fine will be issued to all violators.


Help keep the Park the asset it is intended to be to the City and to Carriage Crossing by reporting any misuse of the Park grounds to the Broken Arrow Police Department at 259-8400.  Rick Smith with the BA Police Department is coordinating these efforts.  You can remain anonymous.  Please state you are a Carriage Crossing Homeowner and the Block you live on with the reported incident. 


As a team, we can work together to insure our Park stays as its intended purpose.  Even though all phases of the park have not been completed yet, it is a tremendous bonus to our neighborhood.  It will take efforts from everyone to keep it safe and beautiful. 


We are proud of our homes, lets be proud of our Park as well.


Thank you, Carriage Crossing Homeowners for your cooperation!.

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