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Board of Directors

The current (2022-23) board is comprised of the following:


President - Crystal Murphree (

Vice President - Stephen Stewart (

Secretary - Emily Brandenburg (

Treasurer - Emily Brandenburg (


Board of Directors - Alan Jones, Kay Leslie, and Gary Lehrman


Role of the Board


The CCHOA Board of Directors is elected by the members to manage the business affairs of the Association.  The Board is composed of from three to nine directors, and only one person per household may be a member of the Board.  The officers of the Association consist of a president and vice-president, who must be members of the Board of Directors, a secretary and a treasurer.  The same person may hold the offices of secretary and treasurer.  The directors are elected to the Board by the members at the annual meeting.  Directors typically serve two-year terms but are not permitted to serve more than two consecutive two-year terms unless there are not enough volunteers to permit the Board to effectively carry out its duties.  The election of officers takes place at the first regular meeting of the Board of Directors following the annual meeting of the members.  The officers of the Association are elected annually by the Board, and typically hold office for two years.  An officer also cannot serve more than two consecutive two-year terms and cannot be elected to the same office held during his/her previous term. 


Major Duties

  1. Prepare a budget and set dues and/or fees to cover expenses the Association incurs

  2. Enforce the collection of the dues and any assessments in accordance with the CCHOA By-Laws

  3. Maintain the two front entries and other common areas owned and/or required to be maintained by the Association

  4. Ensure the exterior maintenance of the lots and residences in the subdivision are maintained in an appropriate manner so as not to jeopardize the value of property

  5. Protect and enforce all restrictive covenants contained in the Deed of Dedication for each Carriage Crossing phase of development

  6. Procure and maintain both adequate liability and hazard insurance on property owned by the Association and professional liability insurance for the Board of Directors

  7. Keep a complete record of all its acts and corporate affairs and present a statement thereof to the members at the annual meeting or any requested special meeting

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