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Andolini's Truck

Thank you for your interest in ordering from Andolini's on Thursday, April 30th.

The Andolini's food truck will be parked in the Morrow Park parking lot from 5 pm - 7 pm. Anyone who is *in line* during that window will be served.

The food truck will sell pizza by-the-slice for $5 each. For slices, there is no need to order ahead, just pull your car up to the "drive through" and pay.


The staff will wipe down all surfaces between each transaction and drive-through style minimizes contact to keep all of our neighbors safe.

If you would like to place an order for a whole pizza or something else off of the Andolini's menu, they will accommodate that, too!

Click here to view the Andolini's Menu, then complete the form below so that the Andolini's Catering Manager can contact you to place your special order.

Andolini's Custom Order

Complete the form below to register for a custom order to be delivered to Morrow Park on Thursday, April 30. Orders will be available for pick up between 5 pm - 6 pm.

You will be contacted by Andolini's Catering Manager to complete your order. No order is complete until payment is made over the phone directly to Andolini's.

No custom order is needed to buy slices

from the Andolini's Pizza Truck.

Phone Type
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